A business entrepreneur and an environmental activist, David Yeung is a passionate advocate of meat reduction in diet to reduce global carbon footprint through his three HK based companies.

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“Sustainability must be coupled with innovation and innovation requires entrepreneurship and business.”

“We need to make plant-based eating fashionable and accessible… accessible includes convenience, taste and overall appeal.”

“Green Common is a showcase of what future plant based eating should be and will be like.”

“Hong Kong in Asia is an incredibly good base to create a trend… to create a movement in this densely populated city, is a very good choice.”

“GreenMonday in HK is similar to Uber in SF.  Uber changed the behavior of how we get transported… They focus on one city.  Took many years to get SF.  Once they got SF, they got NY and then global.”

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David Yeung is Founder & CEO of Green Monday, Green Common and Right Treat.
? Green Monday is a nonprofit organization that promotes a healthier diet and a reduced carbon footprint by advocating eating no meats on Mondays.
? While pursuing his mission as an environmental advocate, David started Green Common, world’s first plant-based eatery & grocery concept store that creates a revolutionary food and lifestyle experience by introducing the most advanced global food-tech innovations. Green Common is official Asia distributor of Beyond Meats, backed by Bill Gates.
? Right Treat is the company behind OmniPork, a plant based substitute for pork.

David’s incredible work has earned him the award of ‘Social Entrepreneur of the Year’ by the World Economic Forum and Schwab Foundation.

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  • Loved this episode!! David’s story is very impressive and could connect to his energy and passion.